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16980 Steel wire circlip for shaft
C01020 Stop ring
150212K Single row radial ball bearing with stopping slot and dust cover
16463 Gear gasket
14750 Stop ring
12JS180TA-1701116 Input shaft gear
JS180-1701030-1-S Input shaft
16566 Guide bush, output shaft

12JS160T-1701084 Cup washer, reverse speed
12JS200T-1701083 Middle gear, reverse speed
DS100-1701085 Needle bearing
JS220-1701082 Reverse gear of countershaft
Q2821212 Slotted screw with flat point

12_7G100BGB-T308 Steel ball
19_5G100BGB-T308 Steel ball
1634 Locking pin, shift rail
3220 Locking screw, selector fork
11066 Stud bolt
12JS160T-1702015 Upper cover
12JS160T-1702050 Lead block for reverse speed lassy
12JS160T-1702054 Lead block,5th,6th speed
12JS160T-1702055 R speed fork
12JS160T-1702056 Toggle fork – 1st/2nd speed
12JS160T-1702057 Toggle fork – 3rd,4th speed
12JS160T-1702058-2 Toggle fork – 5th,6th speed
12JS160T-1702059-1 Lead block,5th,6th gearshift speed
12JS160T-1702063 R speed fork axle
12JS160T-1702064-1 1st,2nd,3rd,4th fork axle
12JS160T-1702066 Toggle fork axle – 5th,6th speed
F96084 Pressing spring
F96085 Pressing spring
GB889-80-M12X125 Hexagon nut of locking nylon ring
JS100A-1702072 Swing fork
JS100A-1702073 Supporting shaft pin
Q351B10 Hexagon thin nut
Q361B10 Hexagon nut, style 2
Q40112 Plain washer
Q40310 Spring washer
Q5280630 Spring roll pin
X-1-603 Hexagon nut

F96194-8 Housing of double-H manipulation mechanism
F91345 Bush,transverse gear shift rod
F99983-1 Pressing spring
F99673 Spring seat
F99674 Spring spacer bush
DS100-1703024-1 Spacing sleeve
F99666 Side board
Q150B0822 Hexagon head bolt
Q40408 Spring washer,light style
F99679-12 Lateral gearshift rod
F99585-2 Sliding block
C03030 Roll pin
F99681 Control block for low and reverse speed
F91444 Oil seal
F99669 sleeve
F96035-29 LRC outside gearshift arm
Q341B10 Hexagon nut
Q151B1050 Hexagon head bolt
Q40310 Spring washer
Q72224 Cup plug sheet
F91353 Gasket of double H valve
12JS160T-1703022 Gas circuit controlling valve
Q40306 Spring washer
Q218B0618 Inside hexagon socket cheese head cap screw
C03052 T-way connector
12JS160T-1703021 90°easy exchange joint
12845 90°belt pipe joint
55534 Air pipe assy
F96141 Pressing cover spring
Q151B0812 Hexagon head bolt (finished)
Q40308 Spring washer
F96140 Gasket
15276 Vent plug
C03004 Stop screw
C09035 Spring roll pin
GB879-86-6X35 Spring roll pin
F99702 Cylinder pin for neutral swith
990.12.71.0041 Pressure switch
Q72318T3 Seal washer
15899 Start pin,switch
C03015 Seal washer
791.00.71.0068 Pressure switch
F99672 End pad
F96036-1 Pressing spring
HG4-333-66-20X2.4 “O” seal ring