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7992 Bush of driven gear shaft,odometer
19109 Oil seal
C01032 Oil seal of rear bearing for main shaft
JS180-1707155 Rear bearing cover of main shaft

QH70-4211101-2 Power take-off housing
QC45-4211306 Cylinder block
QH70-4211305-1 Fork shaft,piston
QC45-4211311 Piston
GB889-86 Hexagon locking nut M12 mm
QH70-4211301 Shift fork
J80-1702083 Stop screw
QH70-4211303 Gasket, cylinder head
QH70-4211307 Cushion of cylinder
QH70-4211304 Cylinder head
QH70-4211108 Gasket ,end cover
QH70-4211208 Paper gasket
QH70-4211107 End cap
QH70-4211204-19 Flange
QH70-4211206 Bearing cover
QH70-4211111-2 Side cover
QH70-4211201 Outer gear shaft
GB283-64 Bearing 42111
QH70-4211105 Input gear
QH70-4211104 sleeve
QH70-4211102 Hollow shaft
QH70-4211103 Bearing spacer
QH70-4211106 Bearing baffle
32208 Conical roller bearing
QH70-4211302 Clutch meshing bush
QH70-4211110-2 Gasket for side cover
JK942S Indicator switch of back gear
Q150B1065 Hexagon head bolt
Q150B1075 Hexagon head bolt
Q218B1030 Inside hexagon socket cheese head cap screw
Q40310 Spring washer M10 mm
Q150B1030 Hexagon head bolt
GB117-76 Conical pin 12×35 mm
Q150B1035 Hexagon head bolt
QH70-4211310 Sheild cover for odometer
54010 CA cup plug sheet
Q62103 Square-sloted tapered magnetic plug
QC45-4211300 “O” seal ring
GB3452.1 O seal ring 16×2.65 mm
J80-1702028 “O” seal ring
QH70-4211112 Pad
QH70-4211309 Cover
QH70-4211308 Cushion of cover
Q2540510 Cross-recessed countersunk screws
K637120 Needle bearing
J80-1701133 Spacer bush of bearing,4th speed gear
QH70-4211203 Adjusting washer
GB879-86 Elastic column pin 3×10 mm
QH70-4211202 Baffle
Q40316 Spring washer
GB21-76 Small hex head bolt M16×1.5×30 mm
F500A-1802191 Skeleton oil seal assy
Q151B1035 Hexagon head bolt

12JS160T-1708010-9 Pre-valve assy
52632 Pipe wire
52633 Pipe wire
12JS160T-1703021-5 Quick inserting joint,straight through type