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7935 Vent plug
12845 90°belt joint
55511 Air pipe assy
55512 Air pipe assy
55521 Air pipe assy
12JS160T-1703021 90°easy exchange joint
12JS160T-1703051 90°belt pipe joint
12JS160T-1703052 Single H valve

12JS160T-1701107 Clamp of gear , reverse speed
12JS160T-1701106 Washer of gear ,main shaft
12JS160T-1701124 Bearing raise
50118 Single row radial ball bearing with stopping slot
C01019 Stop ring
JS220-1707031 Bearing positioning disc, auxiliary box
C09032 Hexagon head bolt with hole
1819 Iron wire
12JS200T-1707030 Driving gear, auxiliary box
16763 Stop ring

14347 Seal gasket
Q171B1250 Hexagon head bolt with hole
10JS160-1707052 Extended countershaft cover
12JS160T-1707108 Gear pressure plate of main shaft , auxiliary box
12JS160T-1707140 Synchronizer assy
12JS200T-1707047 Lengthened countershaft welding-on assy, auxiliary box
12JS200T-1707050 Countershaft welding-on assy, auxiliary box
12JS200T-1707060 Air cylinder assy of auxiliary box
12JS200T-1707105 Main shaft,auxiliary gearbox
12JS200T-1707106 Decelerating gear of main shaft,auxiliary gearbox
12JS200T-1707107 Main shaft washer, auxiliary box
192311E Short cylindrical roller bear
A-C09008 Bolt assy
A-C09009 Bolt assy
C09033 Hexagon head bolt with hole and washer unit
F96006 Flange nut
Q433120 Stop ring
JS180-1707051 Stop ring
JS180-1707052 Countershaft cover ,auxiliary box
JS180-1707053 Gasket of countershaft cover,auxiliary box
JS180-1707154 Rear bearing cover of main shaft
JS180-1707156 Gasket of rear bearing cover , main shaft
JS220-1707109 Conical roller bearing
JS220-1707015 Housing of rear cover
Q1421032M Pre-gelatinized hexagon head bolt and washer unit
Q1421075 Hexagon head bolt and spring washer component
16775 Fork of auxiliary gearbox

GB32.3-88 Small hex head bolt with hole M12×1.25×50 mm
16775 Fork of auxiliary gearbox
14347 Seal gasket
16778 Range shift cylinder
14765 “O” seal ring
GB93-76 Spring washer
12JS200T-1707061 Fork shaft of range shift
14344 “O” seal ring
14341 Cylinder piston of range shift
14345 “O” seal ring
GB5782-86 Small hex head bolt M10×32 mm
14349 Gasket of cylinder cover
QH70-4211404 Locating ring
14344 “O” seal ring
QH70-4211406-1 Connecting shaft,piston
GB3452.1-92 O seal ring (14X2.65G)
QH70-4211403-1 Middle place piston
Q43117 Spring circlip for shaft
QH70-4211402-2 Middle place cylinder
C03052 T-way connector
Q618B01 Squared head taper plug NPT1/8
14349 Gasket of cylinder cover
QH70-4211407-1 Cover of middle place cylinder
Q901 Normally open vent cover
12845 90°belt pipe joint
Q40310 Spring washer
Q150B10115 Hexagon head bolt