1408502810001 QC490,495,498 QUANCHAI FUEL FILTER ASSEMBLY CX0708T


1408502810001 QC490,495,498 QUANCHAI FUEL FILTER ASSEMBLY CX0708T

TC02400190000K Fully Hydraulic Steering Assembly
FT400.40.016 Steering Wheel Assembly
TC04400010010 Redirector And Housing Assembly
FT354.40C.016a Steering Pipe Column Assembly
GBT5783-M10X30-8.8-A3L Hexagon Bolt

GBT93-10-A0P Standard Spring Washer
FT354.40C.111 Redirector Bracket
TC04400010009 Hydraulic Steering Mechanism Assembly
TC04400010011 End Straight Joint Assembly M20-16
TC04400010013 Oil Return Outlet Pipe Weldment

GE20D18.24.93.5 End Straight Thread Connector Body
TC04400020005 Oil Pump Outlet Steel Pipe Weldment
Q67627 B-Type Worm Transmission Hose Clamp
FT354.40C.107 Oil Return Hose
GBT5783-M10X25-8.8-A3L Hexagon Bolt

FT450.40Y.102 Bonnet Lock Bracket
GBT93-10-A3L Standard Spring Washer
GBT6170-M10-8-A3L Hexagon Nut, Type-1
FT354.40C.011 Steering Oil Tank And Breath Assembly
FT400.40X.104 Oil Suction Hose

FT450.40Y.011 Oil Pump Inlet Steel Pipe Weldment
GBT5782-M8X65-8.8-A2L Hexagon Bolt
GBT93-8-A3L Standard Spring Washer
GBT3452.1-17.0X2.65G Rubber O-Seal Ring
TC04400120001 Permanent Overflow Pump

TC04400020003 Adjustable Joint
GBT5783-M8X30-8.8-A2L Hexagon Bolt
TB504.401-01 Steering Rod Shield Sleeve
GBT5782-M8X45-8.8-A2L Hexagon Bolt

TC02400190000K Fully Hydraulic Steering Assembly
TC04400010016 Adjustable Joint Assembly M20-16
TC04400040003 Left Oil Pipe Weldment
GV04703010028 End Straight Joint Assemlby M20-16
TC04400040005 Right Oil Pipe Weldment

GBT6170-M6-8-A2L Hexagon Nut, Type-1
GBT93-6-A3L Standard Spring Washer
FT304.40L.122 Oil Pipe Bracket
FT304.40L.121 Double-Hole Pipe Clip
GBT5783-M6X25-8.8-A2L Hexagon Bolt

TB450.40Q-01 Double-Hole Pipe Clip
TC04400030001 Hight Pressure Right Hose Assembly
TC02402040001 Oil Cylinder Right Hose Assembly
TC04400100001 Oil Cylinder Left Pipe Weldment
TC02402030001 Oil Cylinder Left Hose Assembly

GL06701050023 Adjustable Joint Assembly L12
GBT5783-M8X35-8.8-A2L Hexagon Bolt
TB454.40X-01 Single Hole Pipe Clamp
TB454.40X-02 Right Oil Pipe Bracket
GBT93-8-A3L Standard Spring Washer

GBT6170-M8-8-A2L Hexagon Nut, Type-1
TB454.40X-03 Left Oil Pipe Bracket
GBT97.1-16-A3L Flat Washer

TC02474090000K Front Wall Fender Assembly
GBT818-M5X20-4.8-A2L Cross Screw
GBT93-5-A3L Standard Spring Washer
GBT96.1-5-A3L Big Washer
TB400B.474M.1 Dashboard Assembly

TB400.456A.3 Rearview Mirror Assembly
TB400B.474E.2 Left Bracket Weldment
TB400B.474E.1 Front Retainer Plate Weldment
TB400.474H.2 Bonnet Pneumatic Spring
TA700.452B-02 Cast Nut

TA700.452B-03 Rubber Washer
TB400B.474E-01 Front Windshield
TB400.474E-01 Dustproof Sleeve
GBT5783-M5X16-8.8-A2L Hexagon Bolt
TB400B.474E.3 Right Bracket Weldment

GBT5783-M8X40-8.8-A2L Hexagon Bolt
TA700.452B-06 Rubber Washer
GBT6177.1-M8-10-A2L Hexagon Flange Nut
GBT5783-M12X40-8.8-A3L Hexagon Bolt
GBT5789-M12X25-8.8-A3L Hexagon Flange Nut

GBT93-12-A3L Standard Spring Washer
GBT97.1-12-A3L Flat Washer
GBT5789-M12X35-8.8-A3L Hexagon Flange Nut
FT300.47.038 Right Foot Pedal Assembly
FT300.47.015 Bonnet Bracket Seat (Right)

FT300.47.014 Bonnet Bracket Seat (Left)
FT300.47.037 Left Foot Pedal Assembly
GBT6170-M12-8-A3L Hexagon Nut, Type-1
TB400B.474E-02 Right Front Windshield